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Transportation at Karimunjawa

19 Sep

Tips for getting around Karimunjawa.


Rent Motorcycles

19 Sep

less then $8 USD/day…….not cheap.


19 Sep

this kind of vehicle is already extinct in jakarta, so we were so excited.
the vehicle is kind of tricycle, environment friendly (no fuel is used) and one becak can take 2 passeger.
try this vehicle to help the local


19 Sep

you can go around the island by renting a motorbike. usually you don’t have to drive the bike, just as passenger. this way called ojek

Boat for exploring the islands

19 Sep

you can rent boat from the local for exploring the islands.
we rent a boat for visiting other islands such as pulau menjangan besar, pulau menjangan kecil, pulau cemara, etc.
the other small islands are mostly inhabitant with rich coral reef and white sands. the local can show you which island is the good one and which one can be visited according to weather.