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19 Sep

Reviews and photos of Karimunjawa restaurants

Warung Ibu Ester

18 Sep

Warung ibu Ester is near the main square Karimunjawa. …. plenty of food available there, Of course with the Indonesian spice flavors.

  • Price: less than US$ 1/person
  • Comparison: Cheap
  • Address: Main Square Karimun Jawa.

Warung Kemojan

18 Sep

The only warung in Kemujan village serves seafood as the locals eat it. Not many customers, you have to order in advance.

Nothing to say about fresh seafood that cooked in front of us. as fresh as they caught by the sea. with traditional spices and hot steam rice. Pepes ikan kukus (spiced steamed fish) and grilled and fried fish. companied with veggie and sambel (chili belacan sauce added with peanut and sweet soy sauce) as assortments.

  • Price: less than US$10
  • Comparison: least expensive
  • Address: Jalan Serma M. Toha km 3, desa Kemujan.
  • Directions: On the main road to the airport, at 19 km from Karimunjawa village, find on your right hand the “Balai Taman Nasional Karimunjawa” of the Forestry Department. The warung is at the next bend in the road.