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18 Sep

Tips on what to pack for a trip to Karimunjawa

Additional Info

18 Sep



An additional Info to trip in karimun jawa island


  • No bank, no ATM ..… you must have cash money if you want trip in karimun jawa
  • Backpack and daily pack with dry bag to covers all your electronic equipments from salt water  (example: camera, phone sell, Ipod)
  • Flip flop, light trousers and tee-shirt, swimsuit and sarung and safari hat.
  • Toilet papers is necessary. jodium tincture for preventive act if got bitten by the spiky ones 🙂 also plastic bag to keep the island clean and unspoilt. do not thrown your mineral water but put it into the plastic bag and bring it home.
  • Always recharges your battery properly and full >> since every single minute you have a chance to take beautiful scenery.
  • Flip flop, swimsuit, diving gear, snorkel/mask and fins
  • If you have your snorkle equipment, don’t forget to take them.
    or you also can rent there…


  1. Electricity will switched off on 10 pm, so, choose guest houses with private generator >> more easily to recharges those batteries.
  2. Refer to its place to stay, mosquito repellent indeed necessary
  3. Don’t forget to bring your own mineral bottle since the islands mostly empty, minus fresh water

4.       SunBlock…….

5.       Average temperature: 23 – 33 degrees Celcius