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Local Costum

18 Sep

Learn the local customs of Karimunjawa

Bugis Boat

18 Sep

It was amazing to see how he builds a traditional boat from bugis with only simple hand tools. He told us that he could do the job in one month and that the cost of the boat was around 30 million rupiah, mainly for the wood. The wood for the skin of the boat comes from Kalimantan, but the ribs are made of local wood. The pieces for he ribs should already have the right curvature, and then he patiently whittles them to exact fit.

  • Location : Kohin beach is on the east side of Kemujan island.

the bracelets, necklaces and rosaries

18 Sep

Pak Ahmad, the man who makes the bracelets, necklaces and rosaries (muslims use the latter they are called tasbih). He works in a small open workshop at the beach side of the road. Using a simple foot-operated lathe and a hand-held chisel he makes perfectly round wooden beads.
He lets you have a try and says it takes at least a month of practice before you are proficient!

  • Location: About 11 km on the road to Kemujan
  • Price : Cheep, rate from Rp.20000 – Rp. 40000

The Seaweed

18 Sep

The cultivation of seaweed is an important source of income for the locals of Karimunjawa. One kg of dried seaweed earns them Rp 8000. But how many kgs of wet seaweed are needed for 1 kg of dried seaweed?
Single branches of weed are tied to a long plastic rope. The rope with the weed is then made to float in the sea with the aid of plastic bottles. After 40 days the weed has grown out sufficiently to be harvested. Part of the harvest is cut into pieces to set out into the sea again.
The weed is collected with a boat, then temporarily stored in a basin until the truck comes to collect it. Only then the weed is brought ashore in a small boat and put in baskets for weighing. The baskets are emptied into the truck that takes it to the drying grounds.

  • Location : at Kohin beach, but can be seen at many coastal settlements.