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Fire coral

1 Nov

Friends should rather explore this coral species, because if one of us recognize the fire with other reef corals. The risk is that your skin burning sensation if touched this rock. can be drawn that if the fire coral that can be enlarged to have nematocycsts sting and pierce the skin. So when snorkeling or diving should better know this reef also.


First aid is the provision of 5% vinegar in the wound. The goal is to inactivation of nematocysts (the part that contains toxins). If no vinegar, can also be used 40-70% alcohol, baking soda, papain (meat tenderizer), lemon juice or lime, can also ammonia. Shaving the affected areas using a razor blade can also help eliminate the sting is still lagging.


1 Nov

Jellyfish, no doubt with how sore if exposed tentacles. Many species of jellyfish with varying degrees of pain, of course. Starting from the pain, leaving charred to death. When met at sea should not avoid the tentacles touched, except if you dress like a completely sealed using a Wetsuit, gloves to boots.


Pour rubbing alcohol or liquids that contain alcohol (can also liquor, after-shave, etc.) or given vinegar – place to eliminate the sting of a poisonous nematokis. Solution of ammonia or baking soda can also help.
Lever or scrape one-way bite area with a blunt knife to remove the tentacle or tentacles (thorn) and dry with salt, sugar, dust, sand and so forth.
Wide ligature or bandage can be mounted to locate this wound.
To relieve pain may be given painkillers and topical anesthetic ointment. After the pain disappeared, can be applied antibiotic ointment to reduce inflammation.

Mr Hasanuddin’s private beach

1 Nov

Many local residents own their own piece of land bordering the sea. So does mr Hasanuddin, who lives on the northern main island, Pulau Kemujan. If you don’t mind the distance of 19 km from Karimunjawa village – or if you stay in the neighbouring Buginese house -, you can make believe that the beach is your own.

We chanced to meet pak Hasanuddin through the headmaster of the muslim highschool nearby. When we got talking to him, we found out that he was well acquainted with the late pak Ahmad Jainuddin who once rescued Theo at sea near Bali. ¨Pak Ahmad often told about having rescued a Dutchman.” Perhaps not such a coincidence, because Buginese sailors are well-known to roam all over the Indonesian archipelago and at Karimunjawa use to anchor at the nortern Gon Bajak harbour (see next tip). While pak Hasanuddin is also of Buginese descent as evident from his house built on poles.

Pak Hasanuddin keeps a guestbook of visitors to his beach – many Indonesian but only a few foreign names in it, among the latter three Hungarian girls. The beach lies behind his house, at a walk of perhaps 200 m and then 30 m down a steep slope. If you swim out some 50 m, you get at the corals and can snorkel at your leisure.

Bapak Hasanuddin, Jalan Serma M. Toha km 3, RT05/RW02, desa Kemujan, Kecamatan Karimunjawa, Jepara 59455.

On the main road to the airport, at 19 km from Karimunjawa village, find on your right hand the “Balai Taman Nasional Karimunjawa” of the Forestry Department. Pak Hasanuddin’s house stands next to it.

Dermaga Gon Bajak

1 Nov

It’s the harbour of Kemujan, the northern main island. The name Gon Bajak means the pirate’s place. Here is where in bygone ages pirates found a refuge, no need to risk their skins at mainland Java. Subsequently the Portuguese and Dutch traders found this a good place to stock up on food and water on their way to the Moluccas; at that time the population of Kemujan island may have been more numerous than nowadays.

The photo’s show an empty harbour with recently renovated pier. Yet, if we may believe our informant, one should come here at full moon, when domestic sailors from all over the archipelago come stocking up just as in bygone days. When they are not there, the water is crystal clear, suitable for a swim.

Go all the way to and past the airport, then turn north and follow the sign to Dermaga Gon Bajak


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The lookout behind Karimunjawa Inn

19 Sep

When the weather is clear Java at 90 km distance is visible from Karimunjawa. A good spot to try this is the hill behind Karmunjawa Inn. Here 270 concrete steps lead up to a telecommunication tower. You have to pass the Inn’s reception to reach the stairs, just politely ask for permission.

When we climbed up, the sky was not that clear. But if you look carefully at the first photo, you can see the steam plume of Jepara’s power plant (PLTU), just right from centre at the horizon.

Directions: From the ferry jetty follow the road straight uphill, turn right at the T-crossing, and find Karimunjawa Inn after 100 m or so.