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19 Oct

Amateur or professional??….doesn’t matter

Bring your camera & take a lot of photos

19 Sep


19 Sep

Road to lagoon lele, this way is the only one road to hiking the pletau of karimunjawa……sorry iam never been there but i know where the trex is.

Ujung Gelam Beach

19 Sep

If you don’t want to rent a boat for a swim, you have a few options.

Closest to the ferry harbour are the beaches of Dewadaru Resort and Escape Beach Resort. But you have to stay there or ask permission to use their beach. Somewhat farther east lies Nirvana Resort, charging Rp 12,500 for access to their beautiful beach.

Free, and suitable for snorkeling is Ujung Gelam beach. Close to the shore there are corals, although the site is not the most perfect.
From the main road one has to walk about 1 km along an earthen path. It is an interesting walk, the locals are friendly and eager for some small talk. We met men at work reparing a boat, and on our return found one willing to climb a tree and provide us with a fresh coconut drink.

  • Address: Ujung Gelam, Karimunjawa
  • Directions: Ujung Gelam beach lies about 7 km west of the harbour, so you may have to charter an ojeg. At a bend in the main road here is a signboard pointing to ¨Ujung Gelam, 0.5 km”, but we estimate the distance is closer to 1 km.
  • The Educational Mangrove Forest

    19 Sep

    The educational mangrove has been build, maybe finish january 2011

    The building will be use to give the knowladge about mangrove

    Of course there are many mangroves on the Karimunjawa islands. But by far the most extensive lie between the two main islands Karimunjawa and Kemujan. In fact the two are connected by this field of mangroves. The road to the airport crosses them and only a small bridge indicates that you pass from one island to the other. Young boys go fishing at the bridge.
    Part of the forest has recently been promoted to ‘educational forest’, to make the locals aware of its value. Several trees visible from the road have name-tags on them.

  • Directions: Between the islands Karimunjawa and Kemujan.
  • Choose your own island!!!

    19 Sep

    entitled as national marine park, karimunjawa archipelago stands from 27 small-tiny-mini-but beautiful islands.
    so, every single day you can visit one or two of the islands, depend to your interest. from fishing, snorkelling, diving or just swimming.
    mostly of them have white sandy beaches but difficulties in anchoring [refer to the only transportation is a boat] will vary. but even your boat can not reach the island properly, you still can visit the island by swimming in the shallow water and let the boat anchoring offshore.

  • Address: anywhere in the chain of the islands
  • Directions: approximately 5 – 10 minutes from our cabin at JK, karimunbesar offshore.
  • list of fave destinations among the islands

    19 Sep
    • pulau burung (bird conservatory)
    • pulau galeang
    • pulau menjangan besar
    • pulau menjangan kecil
    • pulau cemara besar
    • pulau cemara kecil(lovely sunset from this place)
    • ujung gelam (the extension of karimunjawa besar)
    • pulau gosong selikur
    • pulau bengkuang
    • pulau karang kapal
    • pulau krakal kecil
    • pulau krakal besar
    • pulau genteng
    • pulau gosong tengah
    • pulau nyamuk
    • pulau gosong
    • pulau menyawakan (private island with kura-kura resort
    • pulau taka menyawakan
    • pulau kumbang
    • pulau karang
    • pulau gundul (closed for public, serviced as military field)
    • etc