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Dewandaru Resort

18 Sep

“Dewadaru Resort” is nuanced beach resorts, bungalows and cotage, each consist of two bedroom bungalows, the buildings of wood materials are on the edge of the beach and close to the pier

  • Opinion of Price: About average
  • Contact: Dewadaru resort: (0291) 312254
  • Location: Dewadaru enough to walk from the pier because it is contrary to the demaga, only about 50 meters down from the ship could have arrived at this resort…..

Escape Hotel

18 Sep

A friend of us with slightly tighter budget preferred the Escape Beach Resort, entrance just a few hundred metres east of Karimunjawa Inn. Brand new and just starting to receive guests: only one receptionist and one gardener on the grounds. No restaurant service available yet.
Rooms come with fan or with AC, on the ground or first floor.
Rates (May 2009): Rp 110,000 with fan, Rp 220,000 with AC.

Nice grounds, right on the beach, with the jetty in view.

  • Opinion of Price: About average
  • Location : Near Muria port
  • Contact : (0297) 312277 or 081325748481

Karimun Indah

18 Sep

Actually this is the local people’s house. so you just live inside their house.
the bathroom is located separated from the bedroom.
just choose this kind of accomodation to help the local.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Contact : (0297) 312114

Karimunjawa Inn

18 Sep

We selected Karimunjawa Inn for the attractive “suite rooms” with open air bathroom, and the good deal they offered us: we got a bungalow suite for the price of a standard room with AC. Subsequently we very pleased with the excellent service by the receptionist, miss Diah, a.o. making the reservation for our return voyage.

Publish rates include breakfast (nasi goreng, bakmi goreng or bakmi kuah), tax and service:
– standard room with fan Rp 131,000
– standard room with AC Rp 191,000
– bungalow suite with AC Rp 281,000
– bungalow family with AC Rp 382,000

The food prepared by mr Harianto was excellent. One has to order dinner in advance, but the menu offers welcome variation after several days of grilled fish. Typical price for dinner was Rp 25,000 to Rp 30,000 plus 21% tax and service, more expensive than the local food but well worth the money.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Location: near Muria port
  • Contact: (0297) 312253

Nirvana Resort

18 Sep

The resort was temporarily closed and it is above our usual budget. But we were shown around by one lone guard. This is the most luxurious and of course the most pricey accommodation on Karimunjawa main island, disregarding Kura-Kura resort on Menyawakan island. The signboard at the entrance advertises “western comfort”.
The best beaches close to Karimunjawa village lie within the grounds of the resort. The beaches used to be free before the resort was built by an Australian – so we were told. Now you will be charged Rp 12,500 for swimming and snorkeling there.

Room prices range from about USD 50 for so-called Joglo rooms to USD 100 for a suite room and USD 200 for the master room. Suite and Master rooms have ocean view.

Two private beaches, full comfort.

  • Opinion of Price: most expensive
  • Location: Near escape hotel
  • Contact: (0297)312151 or 085290022802

The Jaya Karimun

18 Sep

The Jaya karimun Inn is not actually floating, it is built on poles standing on the sea floor. Rooms with fan and squatting toilet cost Rp 120.000, rooms with AC and western toilet go for Rp 220.000). We were curious what they do with the toilet waste, not straight into the sea where you swim? No, the waste goes into a concrete box on the sea bottom… does it ever get full?
The room rates include free transfers to the “mainland”: Karimunjawa village. The transfer takes a few minutes only.
Step straight from your bed through the back door of your room into the sea for a morning dip. Wade or swim to close-by Pulau Menjangan Besar. And study the sharks swimming rounds in their pool, or join them.

Room/ double – Rp. 60,000
Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – Rp. 40,000/person (optional)
Boat /day – Rp. 300,000 or half day for Rp. 150,000
snorkell mask and fin – Rp. 25,000/day

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Location : Floating building between Pulau karimun and Pulau Menjangan besar
  • Contact : (0297) 312185 or 081325110999